YP (Young Professionals) Mackay is an inclusive social group designed to bring local professionals together in the pursuit of three key interests; connections, education and community. Ultimately, we are all about getting together in a relaxed, fun setting - “it’s not all serious”.

‘Business’ is not the focus – friendship comes
first and foremost.




YP facilitates regular social events across Mackay where you can attend as many, or as little as you like. Here you will meet professional people from a variety of industries - all we ask is that you bring a friendly smile and an open mind!


At YP events you will naturally develop your professional networking skills, simply by taking the first step and rocking up! We’re always open to discussions about career growth or progression, and are happy to provide the platform through which you might just make useful business connections.


YP is actively involved in the Mackay region and all that our great community has to offer. We love seeing new faces coming together with a positive outlook for the future of our city, and welcome all ideas and perspectives. Remember, we live here because we love it!


YP’s guiding principle is to be welcoming, inclusive and a place you want to be.

About Us.


Having proudly reached our 10-year milestone in 2018, YP (Young Professionals) Mackay has proactively engaged with thousands of professionals across hundreds of social events. We were conceived way back in 2008 by a young professional by the name of Jordan Miller, now Commercial Director at Explore Property.

Jordan saw a gap in the market for a supportive group that brought together current and future leaders of the Mackay region, in a relaxed, non-committal manner. Thus, YP took its first breath and now with a diverse group of executives, or as we like to call them the ‘Pit Crew’, on board, it has now become one of Mackay's premier social groups. YP strives to continue to provide both a fun and informative collection of events throughout the year, that are welcoming to all wishing to attend.

Come along to our next event and see what you think! We can only promise you’ll walk away with a sense of belonging… and you might just make a few friends along the way.


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Networking… more like not-working!

Confession: I hate the term networking. I think it is a term that is already so loaded with pressure, that you’re bound to fail every time you try to “network”. Networking to me conjures up images of handing out a massive pile of my business cards, making 15+ new contacts and bringing in many $$$ of work to my business immediately after the event. How stressful does that sound? Just because you met someone at a function once, does not mean that you will receive thousands of dollars of work from them tomorrow. You probably won’t like or trust someone […]

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